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Are You Covered For Hurricane Season?

March 11, 2022


Are you covered for hurricane season?

With hurricane season fast approaching, many people on the coast are preparing for bad weather by gathering toilet paper and water. We make the inside of the house ready to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at us but what about the structure of the house itself? According to the US Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey, 12.8% of homeowners in the state of Florida do not have basic homeowner’s insurance.

Homeowner's vs Flood

Homeowner’s insurance is property insurance that covers a private residence. Many people work hard every day to save up to buy their dream home. Then in a blink of an eye an accident happens and they lose hundreds even thousands of dollars due being negligent and not protecting their investment with a homeowner’s insurance policy. A basic home insurance policy includes coverage on dwellings, other structures, personal property, and basic liabilities. As all Floridians know, we reside in a hurricane prone flood zone and need to consider adding specific flood insurance to our homeowner’s policy. Flood zone maps are always available to view online.

Flood insurance is a specialized coverage that you can purchase when you live in a state or area that has a greater chance of natural disasters and flooding. Flooding happens any time an access of water from outside the home is inside of the structure. In the last 50 years, every state is known to have at least one incident of flooding. With the large coastline and low elevation Florida is trying to win the race of what state can get the most floods. We can’t expect flood insurance to cover things such as bursting pipes, overflowing baths, or water damage from sewer backup. However, we will all be grateful when our homes are guarded against the next Hurricane Elsa that decides to let all the rain go on our state. When considering what flood insurance is best for you, be sure to look at building property coverage, personal contents coverage, or a mixture of both. Building property coverage is for the physical structure of your home, its foundation, and water damage that goes beyond what the eye can see. You can also include extra coverage on plumbing, electrical systems, appliances, cabinets, and window blinds. For your Gucci shoes and Picasso paintings make sure you add personal contents coverage.

Named Storms Prevent New Coverages

          Remember that not all policies are created the same. What remains constant is the fact that having a homeowner’s or flood insurance policy to cover you in case of an emergency is important. Also, Hurricanes do not wait for you to decide when to arrive. They come barreling in like the Kool-Aid man with no apologies. If you are unsure about how to obtain insurance speak to an insurance professional today!

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