What Are You Doing with Your Tax Refund?! Image

What Are You Doing with Your Tax Refund?!

March 13, 2022


It’s That Time of Year!  

Not your birthday or anniversary. We’re here to address the bigger elephant in the room…Taxes! With the process of filing taxes changing more than the seasons, it may be the case that you receive more back in taxes this year. It is more important now that we all take time to better decisions for the long game and choose to invest in insurance.

Imagine This!

The year is 2020. You turn on the news to see a major headline… “World Health Organization confirms cases of Corona virus!” Then a month or two later, there you are again but this time the headline tells you that there is a global pandemic. You must stay in your house for 2 weeks. Before you can say “ACHOO” 2 weeks turns into 2 months and that turns into 2 years.  Somewhere in between is hurricane season. Your house is hit and now you have a lake in your living room. However, you spent your stimulus checks on the new Gucci flip flops instead of getting homeowner’s and flood insurance. All damages go uncovered. You can’t purchase any insurance now because the majority of insurance agencies are shut down along with all the other businesses that are required for you to get your home back to livable standards. The agencies that are available won’t cover you because the accident already occurred.

A More Likely Scenario!

You live in Michigan but you’re tired of the snow and winter. You do what any snowbird would and rent a condo in Florida. It’s a little old and there’s one sketchy neighbor but you don’t mind because you’re getting a good deal on rent. You spend all summer on the beach sipping pina coladas out of real pineapples. Fast forward to the spring, all the snow has melted and it’s time to return to your family up north. One day you get a call… “We’re sorry but your condo has been wiped clean. All your stuff is gone.” According to the police none of your belongings can be recovered. You can’t afford to replace anything. If you had put the extra money you saved on rent towards renter’s insurance your furniture, those Gucci flip flops, electronics, appliances, and more may have been covered. Renter’s insurance also covers any damages to the space that the landlord is not liable for. So if the thief broke any windows on the way out… that may now be your responsibility to fix.

Call WeInsure Today!

We always hope that none of these things happen. We often think it never will…until it does. This year when you get back that tax money or when you have the opportunity to save money, even if it means you have to sacrifice some luxuries, please invest in your security. Make sure that in the case of a “once in a lifetime” emergency your living space, your belongings, you, and your family are insured.  

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